Knowledge management
directly integrated into your CRM

Turn your CRM into the everything-is-possible tool for service management

In order to solve technical problems, repair and maintenance information is primarily required. CRM systems, such as Salesforce, which are typically used to organize service cases, do not provide access to this information. For hotline employees and service technicians, this creates the need to constantly jump back and forth between different systems, resulting in wasted time, money and nerves. The Empolis Smart Cloud offers everything you need to integrate your existing service information directly into your CRM.

Accessing all service documents from your CRM

View and open relevant service documents, comparable service cases or guided troubleshooting directly from the case or customer view of your CRM – without media discontinuity. Integration is possible not only with Salesforce, but with any other CRM system. In addition, other relevant data sources such as spare parts catalogs can be connected at any time via API.

The construction kit for your intelligent CRM

Thanks to the modular software architecture of the Empolis Smart Cloud, you can integrate AI into your CRM system faster, more cost-effectively and more reliably:

One API – various possibilities
Integrate AI into any CRM system

These and many other systems can be quickly expanded with AI capabilities of Empolis Smart Cloud:

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