Solving service cases with Alexa and Co.

Developing Intelligent Assistants has never been so simple

Chatbots and voice assistants like Alexa are no longer a futuristic vision. Whereas conventional methods need tons of data and lengthy training processes, the Empolis Smart Cloud enables the same progress within hours. The success factor: easily configurable, rule-based dialog processes that tolerate synonyms, spelling mistakes and different languages.

Create guided dialogs without programming skills

Thanks to the Decision Tree Designer, you can intuitively create guided dialogs in a graphical interface. All you need is information about the product, the nature of the problem and its symptoms as well as error messages. Your assistant will then either directly provide you with the right solution or start a search in the document base – no matter whether you access the knowledge via Siri, Amazon Alexa or a chatbot on your website.

The construction kit for chatbots

Thanks to the modular software architecture of the Empolis Smart Cloud, you can develop chatbots and voice assistants faster, more cost-effectively and more reliably:

One API – various possibilities

These and many other systems can be installed within a very short time with the AI-based Empolis Smart Cloud:


Build your own prototype
in only 45 minutes

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